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In a world that spins and changes faster every day, we need new and much more effective methods to deal with our everyday challenges. At best, the usual, one-dimensional motivation workshops only achieve short-term success. The scientifically based neurofeedback training, on the other hand, completely ignores the subjective feel-good surface of the respective assessor and follows proven and neurologically verified findings and processes.

In just a two to three-hour assessment session, we carry out both psychometric tests and an intensive professional analysis of the character traits of the person taking part. How “ticks” the person? Which brain hemisphere is dominant? How can we support this person to better balance and connect their hemispheres? Which exercises and positive habits help to develop and further expand their cognitive abilities and potential? We offer these services in English as well as in German – generally understandable, 100 percent scientifically based and completely free of esotericism.

We carry out our complete Potential Analysis in a time frame of 3 to 4 hours, a short analysis usually takes no more than 90 minutes. Two psychometric tests are thematically integrated into the discussion framework. The focus is on the character traits and the resulting behavioral patterns of the candidate. The test results combine with the assessor’s personal perceptions to form a meaningful personality profile and tell us how the person perceives management and project responsibility.

Potential Analyze are currently available in German and English.



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