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Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills in various fields, leveraging the power of neuroscience principles. With EforP, you have the flexibility to select the format that suits your schedule and learning style.

Explore our online courses, where you can access high-quality content from anywhere at any time. Alternatively, take advantage of our personalized on-site training, tailored specifically to your organization’s needs, delivered directly to your place of business.

At EforP, we are dedicated to providing top-notch professional development opportunities that empower individuals and businesses to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Join us on the path to success through neuroscience-driven learning.

Our comprehensive Neuroxellence analysis offers a detailed assessment that typically takes between two to six hours to complete. For those seeking a quicker option, we also provide a shorter analysis that can be completed in just 90 minutes.

During the analysis process, we employ psychometric tests that are seamlessly integrated into our discussion framework. These tests focus on evaluating the candidate’s character traits and the resulting behavioral patterns. By incorporating this holistic approach, we gain valuable insights into an individual’s cognitive abilities and personal qualities.

The Neuroxellence analysis not only provides a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s strengths and areas for improvement but also offers actionable recommendations for personal and professional growth. Our goal is to empower individuals to harness their unique qualities and excel in their chosen fields.

Discover the power of Neuroxellence analysis and unlock your full potential.

Unlock the full potential of your mind – take the success of your career into YOUR OWN hands

Anastasiia Isakii, international trainer, author and business founder, completed the EforP Neuroscience Upskiller Programme in English while based in Shanghai. Summing up the course, Anastasiia explained that she acquired a wealth of knowledge from the online course and the regular ZOOM meetings with teachers and other participants – as well as gaining a better understanding of the make-up of the brain and how her mind works. One element of the course she found especially interesting was the examination of cognitive biases with a view to understanding where they come from and how they can be overcome. For feedback from two other course participants, see the video.


Mariia Popovych, Curriculum Developer, Teacher Trainer, Author, Speaker

Mariia Popovych is a CELTA- and National Geographic Certified educator, who collaborates with international schools and educational institutions in the field of teacher training, curriculum development, ELA teaching, and soft skills training. She is also the co-author of “89 Things to Try Out” – a personal development workbook that encourages life-long learning.

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Our training courses are held in German cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich. EforP courses may also take place at our offices in Beijing and Shanghai – and online, of course. We are also in the course of setting up a new internship and job-shadowing programme for those who have completed our courses.

Communication is key!

We teach in German, English and Chinese. If you are interested in an EforP course but are concerned your language skills are not up to scratch, why not try one of our language courses. Just like all our other courses, our language courses also draw on the latest neuroscientific research.

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Our team of consultants is comprised of seasoned entrepreneurs and innovative business founders. We bring to the table more than 150 years of professional work experience in Europe and Asia. The individual team members each have their own set of professional skills and their own, unique personalities. We firmly believe that you first have to feel out of sorts before you can set about changing something.

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