A team that embraces change

The consultants on our team are both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Each of them has a unique professional, personal, and educational background, and each is uniquely their own person. But one thing unites us: the belief and experience that if you want to change something, you need to get uncomfortable. We’ve mastered getting uncomfortable and are here to guide you with our experience and knowledge.

Managing Director & Shareholder

Eveline Goodman-Hedtke

For more than ten years, Eveline has prepared
individuals to approach challenging tasks with enthusiasm and ability, pushing them to grow beyond their own boundaries. She is trusted not only by international companies and renowned organizations – public figures too rely on her abilities to deliver results.

She intimately understands the meaning of the words, “between the lines,” drawing on her personal and professional experience of juggling different cultures to see behind the psychological curtains. This background is, however, just the starting point from which she uses her enormous energy to put her ideas and vision into action. She combines her comprehensive academic education (Psychology and Neuroscience) with the practical lessons that arise in her life as an internationally-operating businesswoman to deliver success.

Her specialty – and her passion – is connecting talents and options. She recognizes potential, links it to tasks and positions, and takes pleasure in regularly overstepping the boundaries of conventional personnel and management training. For many years, she has lead workshops, presentations, road shows, and coaching sessions for individuals, companies, and organizations from diverse sectors (real estate, medicine, journalism, among others) – both in German and in English. Her charm, wit, and insight make her a memorable, individual, and – if need be – refreshingly undiplomatic consultant.

Managing Director & Shareholder.

Tino Richter

Tino Richter has a wealth of experience building and leading businesses. With more than twenty years as an entrepreneur in diverse fields, he has the expertise and practical know-how to offer insightful advice on many aspects of business ownership, personnel development, and the internationalization of business.

Along with owning firms in the waste disposal and transport logistics sectors, he has prepared and implemented outsourcing concepts for a number of businesses. Alongside this professional experience, Mr.Richter has been involved with the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce since 1998, and currently serves on its audit committee for road haulage, as a voluntary member of the transport committee, and as an auditor for the Chamber. Since 2010, he has also served in the Berlin Labour Court’s 24th Professional Chamber, which adjudicates on matters related to the haulage and transport industry, safety, and personnel services.

In his role with EforP International in Shanghai, Tino will call on his wide-ranging skill set to lead coaching sessions on personnel management, change management, and issues related to the internationalization of business, including outsourcing and international shipping. Through his coaching sessions Tino will impart not only the essential practicalities related to his areas of expertise, but also the comprehensive perspective of an entrepreneur.

Neuroscience Consultant / Assessor

Sabrina Heilig

As a specialist for personnel development, it is of paramount importance for Sabrina to establish, promote, and support both the management culture with teams, instruments, and values and competencies of employees in such a way that the strategic goals of the management are achieved. She sees herself in the role of the HR consultant, who can analytically evaluate the situation and use these results to develop strategically oriented concepts around HR topics for optimal target achievement. Digitalization and the latest technologies make industry 4.0 possible. The resulting serious changes in the working world are exacerbated by the demographic.

Situation and the change in values. Companies must face up to the challenge of shaping change in an agile and flexible manner. Sabrina’s passion for modern personnel development lies in the active promotion of an enabling framework for New Work in order to position companies as attractive employers. In order to achieve this, we need a human-centered working world in which people are perceived not only for their knowledge and performance, but also with their intuition, their courage to change and their own vision, and in which they generate added value for the company in the right place.

Trainings, seminars and business coaching are part of Sabrina’s daily work as an independent consultant. She is a certified personnel specialist, a certified systemic consultant & business coach (DVCT) with a focus on personnel and organizational development, and a Neuroscience Upskilling trainer.

Seminar and workshop topics, such as leadership, conflict management and team training are developed and conducted with the enabling framework for a deeper view. Sabrina focus on exercises in which the participants can “experience” the theory and draw a personal added value experience for themselves. For her, this is the basis for sustainable and modern personnel development measures.


Jörg Hüttman


For more than 20 years Jörg Hüttmann has been operating across the field of marketing and PR communication. As a copywriter, he finds the right words to cater to a wide range of industries. As a specialist book author, he summarizes his know-how and experience in a comprehensible and practice-oriented manner. As a consultant, he supports self-employed individuals, and small and medium-sized companies in aligning their communications with a target-group orientation. Finally, as a storytelling trainer, he works out the entrepreneurial uniqueness of his trainees in a direct and trusting exchange and helps them win the hearts of their customers.

After his four-year service with the German Army and his communication design studies at the Hamburg Technical School of Art, Jörg Hüttman started working for a renowned creative firm. He was a partner and creative manager of a small agency, worked in marketing for an IT and management consultancy, and since 2013 has been looking after his German and international clients as a sole proprietor.

Organizational Psychologist

Cherry Zhu

Cherry Zhu-Headshot

While Cherry worked for strategic consulting in the past decade, she has always been interested in and searching for the spiritual foundation for mankind: how to build long-term impact by working on the “human” factor. Her passion has led her to executive coaching and organizational development. She is now specialized in organizational culture and value. She is a certified WeValue facilitator, IECL executive coach, and facilitator of Theory U Process. She serves as external advisor / coach for various companies and nonprofits.

Prior to Horae, Cherry served as Principal in Venture Avenue, China’s leading development consulting firm that empowers the philanthropic sector through thought leadership and strategic consulting. She was also the COO of Yu Fund, China’s pioneering impact investor and social innovation incubator. Her clients include Mercedes Benz, Bayer, British Council, and more.

Cherry holds a B.A. from Renmin University of China. She’s a member of Asia21 Young Leaders, Class of 2018, an initiative of the Asia Society. Cherry is fluent in English and medium in French.

Neuroscience Consultant / Assessor

Elisa Alberto


Elisa brings a holistic approach looking at both organizational and human aspects to create sustainable transformation and development. Her mission is to encourage leaders to grow and unlock their full potential and intentionally impact their environment and fulfil their purpose. Her vision is to see more intentional purpose-driven change and shift of mindset in organizations and society. Elisa has a track record in igniting and implementing transformation at organizational, leadership and strategic level. She has over 15 years experience as consultant in developing and steering change management, culture transformation and “Why Discovering” projects, both in the corporate world as well as in the start-up and non-profit space. She coaches executives and leadership teams to embrace new leadership cultures that positively impact trust, collaboration and engagement. As keynote speaker she inspires and moves audiences into action. She is determined to support upcoming leaders to grow in their role and purpose as leaders of the future. As a qualified systemic coach and MBTI coach, Elisa is passionate about helping individuals unlock their full potential” by understanding their nature (personality and talents) and connecting to their purpose. She is author of the book “Making Virtual Real: how to lead global teams across distance” and has extensive experience as an intercultural expert. Originally from Italy, she has lived in the USA, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Germany and currently lives in London with her husband and two daughters. She is fluent in English, German, Italian and French.

Psychology & Neuroscience

Elizabeth North

thumbnail_Elizabeth (2)

Elizabeth learned about neuroscience and research from some of the world’s top experts during her time spent at University of California, San Diego. There she worked in research in the School of Medicine, and departments of Computer Science and Psychology. She brings a strong scientific background to her work, with a focus on behavioural modification through mindfulness, which is proven to be effective. She has worked with people of all ages and walks of life in the USA, Belgium, Germany, Japan, China, France, and the UK.

Her ethos stems from evidence based techniques of visualization, non-judgmental thinking, and habit building, with little to no focus on past behaviors. This type of coaching is especially powerful for those who have already achieved a personal growth mindset, but are looking to overcome stagnancy or give themselves the extra push to make it to the next level.

Neuroscience Organizational Psychologist

Laura Lilli Weil


Laura is an organizational psychologist, business coach and drives the digital transformation of companies. Laura combines psychology and business to accelerate innovation creation by cultural change and leadership development. Her track record of digital innovation activities from strategy over founding a start-up to internal incubation and venture building equips her with an understanding of digital vehicles to drive change in an organizations. Her psychology background and coaching experiences as well as her activities as writer with regards to self-leadership and self-development support her in consulting individuals and teams on facilitating the most important assets in times of change – employees. She is dedicated to transform leadership relationships into trustful connections that help everyone to grow individually.

6+ years experience in Organisational Psychology

6+ years experience in Digital Transformation, Cultural Change and Entrepreneurship

· MSc Business and Organisational Psychology

· 200h Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training

· ROMPC® Coach

· Free the limbic® Business Consultant

· BSc General Management

Moderator and Passionate trainer

Petra Schwarz

Petra Schwarz 2021

She is just as enthusiastic about public prosecutors and judges as she is about high school administrators, doctors or CEOs of companies: Ultimately, it is always about effective and understandable communication when the studied cultural scientist uses her decades of experience as a public radio and television woman (including Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg and Mitteldeutscher Broadcasting) in a very practical way.

In special media training courses, she knows how experts are doing in front of the microphone and camera when they have to provide information – even in crisis situations; Petra Schwarz also acted for a while as press spokeswoman for the Berlin Senator for Economics, Technology and Women “on the other side”.

With her energetic, relaxed manner on the one hand and her immediately applicable, tried-and-tested tips on the other hand, the woman from practice “grabs” her audience for practice. Regardless of whether it is about fascinating presentations or a type and target group-specific, precisely fitting appearance in public. This also includes voice and speech training as well as “Schlag.ready!” – never again speechless.

Another of her focal points is diversity competence and inclusion – in the broad sense of: “… when being different is normal …”.

“She can just do it. Appropriately ‘cheeky’ and always competent. “Said the former governing mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit once about her as a conference moderator. Or a head physician gave the feedback for your communication training: “I’ve never been so likable …”.

Do not miss this extraordinary mixture of lived practice, theoretical expertise, consistent implementation and a lot of humor…


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