Languages are the key to growth - yours & your brain’s

Learning languages expands your neural pathways but learning a language on paper is very different from having to use it in person. That’s why our EforP Communication Services include language workshops and coaching that use real-life settings to help you learn English and Spanish – the world’s leading languages – in an interactive, personalized way.

Have important documents that you need professionally translated? Our translation services will get them back to you ready to just hit forward on – no double-checking needed.

Language-learning workshops

Want to make progress quickly? Learn the communication basics so you can shine when presenting, writing, and talking? In half-day or full-day blocks, our coaches create real-life situations for you to to develop those neural pathways faster. The group settings of workshop include video analysis and interactive games to create a fun and effective learning setting.

What happy clients have said

“Many of our member companies have benefited from EforP language trainings and translations, as well as from other workshops.”

Andrea Peters, Chairwoman of the Executive Board, media:net berlinbrandenburg

“I profited a lot from EforP training. I have English-speaking patients and my communication with them improved big-time!”

Dr. med. Peter Bartels, Pediatrician, Munich

Personal language coaching

Many of us use a fitness coach on a regular basis for individual training and to reach our goals. Why? Because we often can’t find the needed motivation for daily training! It’s the same with language training. So why not book a personal coach for that as well?

Our EforP language coach will consider your personality and create an individual learning plan based on neuroscience and psychology. You won’t use a thousand books, but have fun learning the language through gamification.

Our coaches will also prepare you to complete exams for:

TOEIC – Test of English for International Communication

TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language

LCCI – London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages

Our coaches are all experienced native speakers

Nelly Shulman

“Originally, I’m from America. Early in my life I discovered my talent not only for other languages but also for teaching my mother tongue to others. So I’ve taught English to a wide range of professionals and students in over 20 years and in different countries like China, Germany, and Britain. What I like the most at work as a trainer in Berlin with EforP, is working directly with people and helping them to achieve their goals.”

Christopher Montgomery

“Currently, I’m doing my M.A. in English Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. My English origin and my teaching experience from my work as a trainer in Berlin for EforP helps a lot to obtain this degree. I’ve taught English to a wide range of professionals and students. I enjoy working directly with people and consider myself to be a good communicator.”

What happy clients have said

“I did one-on-one training with EforP to improve my communication skills with English-speaking patients. I improved a lot and feel more secure when explaining processes to my patients.

Dr. med. Ursula Bong, Internist, Berlin

“Our cooperation with EforP reaches back almost a decade. EforP has been a reliable partner throughout our collaboration, from which our members have been enjoying the benefits ever since.”

Dr. med. Jörg Ansorg, Managing Directo, Berufsverband für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie (BVOU)

Expert translations

When dealing with business documents, quality is key. EforP exclusively works with translators that are native speakers in central European languages and that focus on important documents and specialized texts. Our 4-eyes principle means everything is double-checked for you and translated documents ready to use when you receive them.

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