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If your corporate success and/or your business development is stagnating because too many captains are fighting over the helm – or don’t want to leave the supposedly safe haven of the past, our neuroscience company workshops get to the root of the problem. Of course, our offers are based on the individual framework conditions of your company and the respective team – and nonetheless always spark a long-lasting and perspective-expanding effect. In advance, we tailor all parameters exactly to your requirements and problems and discuss all necessary details with the responsible decision-makers in detail. Integrated into your individual company framework, the following workshop modules ensure lasting learning success and an effective “mind shift”:

Part 1: know-how

“Brain Hacks”

“Brain hacking without risks and side effects”

The participants get to know how our brain works and how it is structured, and learn how we can sharpen our cognitive abilities and use them to our advantage.

“Learn how your brain learns”

“How does our brain learn to learn?”

What are the complex chemical and physiological processes behind the thousands of decisions we make every day?
How do the two “processors” in our brain work?

Part 2: Practice

“Bio & Neurofeedback yourself”

“Bio- and neurofeedback – the intuitive mirror of our brain”

After the know-how part, the participants can playfully get to know current neuro and biofeedback devices in a self-experiment. You intuitively and directly grasp the interplay between your own emotions, our well-being and the performance of the brain. In our many years of experience, the real-time visualization of your own brain waves and other bio-indicators as well as their direct interaction creates a moving aha experience that will be remembered for a long time and has an inspiring effect. Not only related to the professional self-image, but applicable to all areas of life.

Our neuroscience team events and company workshops are currently available in German and English.



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