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Today’s world is changing quicker than ever.

It is a challenge to keep up, let alone stay ahead. Every day we have to make the right decisions when managing the supply and value chain, to say nothing of all-important conflict and change management. And at the same time, the need for a work-life balance is more important than ever.

What We Do

EforP strives for better. An improved world, and a different way of looking at business. EforP Consultants are both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Each of them has a unique professional, personal, and educational background, and each is uniquely their own person.

But one thing unites them: a belief that there is no Europe without China and there is no China without Europe.


Who We Are

EforP is a talent management and consulting company. Headquartered in Berlin, it opened its Shanghai office in February 2016 to meet the ever-increasing demand for its services from companies and individual managers alike.

Why Choose Us


We have over 14 years experience supplying companies and individuals with first class development concepts.


A qualified, enthusiastic team of advisors are always here to help.


We always handle challenges in professional boundary and maintain our prestige.

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