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Neuroscience Upskiller Training Courses

Are you looking for new career opportunities or looking to expand your professional toolbox?
Are you seeking a deeper understanding of human behavior and psychology to apply to your own life or to your professional relationships?
Do you want to gain work experience in thrilling and international environments, and challenge your own limits?
Are you still in search of the perfect educational program for you?
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Are you searching for new career possibilities or looking to expand your professional toolbox? Perhaps you are seeking a deeper understanding of human behaviour and psychology to apply to your own life or to your professional relationships?
Eforp International Upskilling courses are grounded in the latest findings from neuroscience and psychology research, shaping this expertise and insight into practical skills and real-world applications to enhance your own professional potential and unlock the potential in others.

We have been taught to believe the way we think and behave is “hard-wired” into our personalities, however modern neuroscience research now knows this to be untrue. The brain has a high plasticity, and like any other muscle it can be trained and flexed. Even in adults, neural pathways can be formed and strengthened, and we can proactively shape our old habits and ways of thinking. Only when we understand how we are programmed, can we take control and steer the programming.

Unlike your average “means to an end” training course, authenticated trainers with advanced qualifications in Neuroscience and Psychology share their tailored knowledge and expertise in versatile and integrated contexts with a focus on practicability and feasibility. These insights can be applied to building cohesive and productive relationships, improving motivation and proactive habits, and gaining key professional skills for specific challenges. Learn how to address latent prejudices and cognitive biases, to apply an understanding of left- and right-brain hemisphere cognitive abilities, and to get the most out of personal and professional relationships and team building—all of which are essential elements for success in HR, talent recruitment, and management at any level.

Eforp International Upskilling courses offer systematic and flexible programmes to suit your needs, with courses based in three German cities, Shanghai, and online. From weekend programmes that fit around your schedule to comprehensive intensive courses, there is a programme to suit those looking for self-improvement, professional upskilling, or a whole new skillset for new career possibilities. Course members also benefit from the extensive network Eforp International has established over years of experience in executive consulting and coaching.

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