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EforP Neuroscience Upskilling Training Courses

Unlock the brain’s potential and transform your career. EforP’s Neuroscience Upskilling Courses demonstrate how you can practically apply neuroscience and psychology insights to lift your performance – and coach others to do the same.

The courses draw on the latest findings from neuroscience, sociology, and psychology research – plus EforP’s real-world corporate experience. The EforP courses shape this expertise and insight into practical skills and real-world applications. The aim: to enhance your own professional potential and equip you to unlock the potential in others.

Whether you are a young talent wanting to take an early step up the career ladder, an executive looking to develop your EQ and management skills, an HR expert seeking neuroscience insights, or a coach or trainer looking to speed up learning – EforP’s Neuroscience Upskilling Courses are for you.

EforP offers three escalating courses, each building on the last to increase the breadth and depth of your knowledge, and extend the practical applications:

· Neuroscience Upskiller is the perfect introduction to the theory and practice of applying neuroscience insights for personal – and personnel – development.

· Neuroscience Upskilling Assessor: advanced training; advanced certification. Deepen your knowledge and gain the skills and confidence to lead training, assess and coach colleagues, and develop an authentic leadership style.

· Certified Neuroscience Upskilling Consultant: consolidate your training by becoming officially certified. This course solidifies your practical and theoretical expertise – and authentication as a recognised Consultant opens new earning opportunities.

The skills and abilities you develop will also open doors to new professional opportunities and sources of income – either as an external Human Resources consultant, or through recommendations to EforP’s network of corporate employers.

Contact Eforp via email (office@eforp.com) with any questions or for more information on programme offers.