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EforP also publishes INTRAPRENEUR magazine. HR-focussed, INTRAPRENEUR offers a platform for the best of those who are in search of the best to communicate their ideas. So many great minds in corporate firms do not have the chance to speak out loud. INTRAPRENEUR offers top personnel managers and leaders the chance to introduce their firm, its approach, and their personal vision for the future. Whatever industry we work in, we are all ultimately aiming to improve our customers’ quality of life: INTRAPRENEUR offers new and better ways to achieve it.

INTRAPRENEUR is also a recruitment tool. Top HR managers can write blog posts that highlight their approach and by doing so catch the eye of like-minded leaders outside their company. By talking about what is pushing them forward and holding them back, these brilliant leaders also gain a platform to attract the right candidates.

Intrapreneur is published in English and Chinese four times a year.


Akos Sandor

HR Head Global NI Business & Supply Chain

It’s a global world: SCM-Supply Chain Management & HR

The key challenge as an HR manager with an international supply chain is to understand the local structures but think global at the same time. You cannot jump to the global level too quickly: first, you have to understand the structure of each zone and division, and then the talent that is available. Many people focus on talent management too early, and then try to find global solutions and implement worldwide standardisation. Although there are a number of recipes out there, I am not yet convinced that global one-size-fits-all concepts will be successful on the long run.

It is important to remember that every whole is made up of small bits and pieces. Even when considering global positions and posts in a huge company like Schindler, I still see that understanding local issues and structures is the top challenge faced every day.
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Grace QY Wang

Senior HR Business Partner of METRO Group Buying (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

HR Approaches to Talent Acquisition, Management & Retention

Talent management today is a science. Skilful approaches are needed to recruit and keep the best professionals in a diverse and dynamic global environment. In my role as a senior HR leader, I approach talent management with an eye to both vertical and horizontal planning, and apply a scientific method as well as an artful approach. My motto is ´focus on today and prepare for tomorrow´.

Today´s workforce is dynamic and everyone brings their individual motivations, cultural background, career goals and unique mindset to the table. This diversity has consequences for talent managers and companies, as it influences the whole chain of recruitment, development and retention. This calls for significant research and a tailored approach on the part of talent management professionals.Read More