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Excellence Pool Asia

Successful executive recruitment requires more than just ticking boxes to make a match – it requires expert knowledge of senior-level management, a solid base of real business and personal relationships, and above all a mutual trust and respect.

EforP’s Excellence Pool grows from her experience of over ten years working with international firms and top executives from around the globe to match skilled people with relevant roles and opportunities. What sets this service apart from your average headhunting agency is a personal and individualized approach that draws on trust and cooperation built through training, business partnerships, and personal relationships. Dealing only with people and businesses it knows well means EforP can match clients with roles that match their unique set of skills, as well as their goals and expectations.

When offering an intimate service built upon trust, professionalism and confidentiality are paramount. For EforP, subtlety and discretion are as important as expert knowledge: the Excellence Pool operates with the highest level of diplomacy.

With trust and confidence at the center of EforP’s business relationship ethos, maintaining a reputation of ethical practices is a paramount priority. To avoid conflicts of interest and ensure the satisfaction of all involved, EforP has established two clear rules for the Excellence Pool:

  1. EforP only works with companies and executives whom she knows at a personal level. It is only through deep relationships that Eveline can ensure that a prospective company will be the perfect match for a candidate’s unique skills, personality, ambitions, and ability – and vice versa.
  2. EforP’s primary aim is supporting her client businesses through coaching HR consulting. Accordingly, it is an absolute prerequisite that executives actively seeking new career challenges through the Excellence Pool are no longer in the same role as when their professional relationship with EforP began, regardless of the nature or scope of that relationship. The Excellence Pool is not about poaching talent, it’s about helping supporting companies and helping executives reach a new level of their professional and personal development.

It is these elements – and EforP’s insight and expertise – that ensure the Excellence Pool goes above and beyond your average executive search, combining a personal approach based on real relationships with absolute professionalism and respect.