Unlock your brain’s potential to transform your career

We have been taught to believe the way we think and behave is “hard-wired” into our personalities, however modern neuroscience research now knows this to be untrue. Just like every other muscle, the brain can be trained and flexed. And once you understand how you’re programmed, you can take control and steer it in the way you want!

It’s not about positive thinking but thinking differently

 EforP’s Neuroscience Trainings demonstrate how you can practically apply neuroscience and psychology insights to boost your professional potential as a young talent, HR leader, or executive – or unlock it in others as a coach.

Our Neuroscience courses draw on the latest findings from neuroscience, sociology, and psychology research – plus our team’s real-world corporate experience. The EforP courses shape this expertise and insight into skills for real-world applications to enhance your own professional potential and equip you to unlock the potential in others.

Who Neuroscience Upskilling courses are for:

Young talent: Do you want to take a step up the career ladder but are afraid of making mistakes? By learning the fundamentals of your brain, you’ll discover failure is only a temporary state on your way to success. By changing your thoughts, you’ll change your future.

Executives: Once you as a leader understand your brain, you can help those you lead understand theirs. By developing your EQ and management skills with neuroscience upskilling, you’ll understand those unlike you and know how to train and retain the next generation of top talent.

HR professionals: If you’ve seen the limits of what interviewing by the book can achieve, neuroscience insights can give you a much-needed edge. You’ll be able to interpret your counterparts better and find the right talent that will challenge and grow your organization.

Coaches: Instead of simply collecting another certificate, neuroscience upskilling is an easy and to-the-point process to understand how you and your clients think – all based on a scientific background. Through the course, you’ll also discover how to use biofeedback machines and interpret the results. Once you’ve experienced the benefits yourself, you’ll be able to take the next step and become a certified Neuroscience Upskiller.

Join the right course for you

For too long, professional coaching and consulting has been based on gut instinct, esoteric methods, and a lack of understanding of how thinking and learning really happens. Neuroscience Upskilling courses are different: once you’ve finished a program, you’ll better understand yourself and your own thoughts. Our aim is to ensure that the 21st century human being and their most important muscle – the brain – reach their full potential.

EforP offers three escalating courses, each building on the last to increase the breadth and depth of your knowledge and extend the practical applications. Our Neuroscience Upskilling training sessions are held online and on-site. Your training programme tells you which sessions are in person, in either our Berlin or Shanghai office, and which sessions are online.

Online sessions

To participate in our online sessions, you will receive a login code. With this, you can access the online training area, which as well as hosting sessions also hosts all the training material that you will need to complete. Each session follows a similar format:

  • 20 minutes of trainer/specialist input
  • 15 minutes for you to reflect and respond to the trainer by typing back what you learned (approx. 300-650 words)
  • 15 minutes of additional material related to the topic, including videos
  • 10 minutes final stop and check, where participants summarize their key learnings

Every time you satisfactorily finish an online session, you will receive training credits in a personal learning account. We’ll be able to see how many lessons you have completed, and how many remain. Those students who have gathered the required learning credits by completing sufficient training sessions will qualify for on-site trainings here at our EforP International Berlin or Shanghai offices.

On-site sessions

On-site sessions take place in our Berlin or Shanghai offices. Sessions run for either a half or full day, generally from 9:30-16:30. Check your training programme for the details.

Neuroscience Upskiller – 30-days course

The Neuroscience Upskiller course is the perfect introduction to the theory and practice of applying neuroscience insights for personal – and personnel – development.

This course will cover:

  • Neuroscience foundations
  • Neuroplasticity: scientific underpinnings and impact
  • Thinking: left brain/right brain
  • Tools: BrainLink and EEG
  • Translating neuroscience into personal development
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • For workshops, one-on-one training, presentations
  • Tools/techniques: role-play, video feedback, group work, and self-reflection
  • Feedback rounds with clients and customers
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Rhetoric when giving and documentation of feedback
  • Confidentiality clauses when interacting with clients and candidates
  • Feedback to candidates and customers
  • Neuroscience foundations – deepening expertise
  • Neuroplasticity – challenges and opportunities
  • Practical tools: communicating science to different audiences
  • Practical experience: role play and supervision
  • Tools: EEG training – opportunities and challenges
  • Practical guidance: designing training sessions and workshops
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Neuroscience vs. psychology
  • Cognitive biases: breaking bad habits
  • Thinking fast and slow: left-brain/right-brain
  • 10 selected models of psychometric tests and their structure 
  • Tools: identifying strengths and weaknesses; self-reflection and feedback

On-site training 2021

Berlin: May 2021

Shanghai: September 2021

Neuroscience Assessor – 3-month course

The Neuroscience Assessor course gives you advanced training and certification. You’ll deepen your knowledge and gain the skills and confidence to lead training, assess and coach colleagues, and develop an authentic leadership style.

In addition to all the content of the Neuroscience Upskiller course, the course will cover:


  • One-on-one development: opportunities and challenges
  • Soft-skill development: effectively managing interpersonal communication
  • Logistics, structuring trainings, and follow-up sessions
  • Conflict management with clients and internal personnel / departments
  • Supervised sessions, self-reflection, and feedback



  •  Why assessments are held
  •  How they are structured: HR know-how; structured and unstructured interviews
  •  Questions and rhetoric; understanding verbal and non-verbal signals
  •  Interpreting cognitive abilities through question & answer
  • Reports: their structure and psychometric testing(s) vs behavioural testing(s)
  •  The role of the external consultant
  •  Candidate assessment tools: 4P analysis, management test, semi-structured interview templates
  •  Assessments and official assessments: confidentiality 
  •  Assessment process, structure, and templates
  •  Practical experience: role play, supervision, feedback
  • Generating work: networks and contacts
  • Intro to self-driven development
  • How to continue self-development?
  • Resources: video, networks, and collaboration

On-site training 2021

Berlin: May & June 2021

Shanghai: September & October 2021

Neuroscience Consultant – 6-month course

Through the Certified Neuroscience Consultant course, you’ll consolidate your training by becoming officially certified. The skills and abilities you develop will also open doors to new professional opportunities and sources of income – either as an external Human Resources consultant, or through recommendations to EforP’s network of corporate employers.

In addition to all the content of the Neuroscience and Neuroscience Upskiller Assessor courses, the course will cover:

  • Workshops and group sessions: opportunities and challenges
  • Skillsets: presentation techniques, public speaking, and storytelling 
  • The Psychology behind stage fright
  • Logistics: planning, organisation, templates
  • Structuring trainings: role play, pair work, keeping focus
  • Conflict management and group dynamic
  • Supervised sessions, self-reflection, and feedback
  • The science behind brainwaves and EEG
  • EEG machines: what kind of models are there; strengths and weaknesses
  • What is ethical?
  • Set-up and operation of EEG devices
  • Interview design using EEG devices
  • Recording and secure sharing of EEG device output with EforP
  • Understanding EforP expert assessment of EEG device results

On-site training 2021

Berlin: May & June 2021

Shanghai: September & October 2021

Ready to get expertise grounded in neuroscience and psychology to understand yourself and others?

Get in touch to schedule an interview! Joining Neuroscience Upskilling courses is application-based to ensure you’re a right fit for the training.

Course fees start at 2.300 EUR.

Your trainers

Eveline Goodman-Hedtke


Specialty: Neuroscience know-how of the training blocks.

Tino Richter

Managing Director & Shareholder EforP

Specialty: Entrepreneurial parts of the Neuroscience Upskiller Consultant trainings delivered one-on-one or per video calls.

Sabrina Heilig

Neuroscience Upskiller

Specialty: As a certified trainer and consultant, Sabrina assists all trainings, delivering insights on organizational management, personal development, and neuroscience.

David Ammerschlaeger


Specialty: David leads topics concerning the psychological backgrounds of personal and organizational development. He offers trainings in EforP’s Shanghai offices and through online sessions.

Matthias Hummel

Systemic and Upskilling consultant

Specialty: Youth training as well as a Neuroscience Upskiller who assists young talents with their managerial and leadership abilities.

Gunter Büchau

Consultant & Counselor

Specialty: Youth training, helping teenagers 12-19 years old define what they want in their path.

Cherry Zhu

Organizational Psychologist

Specialty: Cognitive learning and crisis management within the frame of the Neuroscience Upskilling trainings.

Ralf Mühlen

Behavioral Upskiller, sales and communication trainer


Specialty: Over 30 years in various positions in sales have made Ralf Mühlen a practical expert in sales at the POS.

Elisa Alberto

Neuroscience Consultant / Assessor


Specialty: Elisa brings a holistic approach looking at both organizational and human aspects to create sustainable transformation and development.


Hear from Neuroscience Upskiller course graduates


Hans-Willi Müller, Shareholder / Managing Director, Imat Uve

When Hans-Willi Müller started his career as a test engineer at uve GmbH in Neuss, he was tasked with setting up an environmental analytical laboratory. He subsequently co-founded the design and engineering company Imat-Uve in 1989, of which he is general manager to this day.

HR Professional

Julia Grandl, CHRO, Magnetbau Schramme

Julia graduated from school in 2010 and after finishing her apprenticeship in 2013, started working for Magnetbau Schramme. In March 2019, she was announced Chief Human Resources Officer – at only 28 years old.

Young talent

Ricardo Richter, Economy engineering student

Ricardo is currently studying economy engineering for environment and sustainability at the Beuth Hochschule and HWR in Berlin and is motivated to live up to what he has learned about entrepreneurship and success from his father.


Sabrina Heilig, Neuroscience Upskiller

Sabrina is a certified personnel specialist, a certified systemic consultant & business coach (DVCT) with a focus on personnel and organizational development, and a Neuroscience Upskilling trainer.

Get in touch

Schedule an interview to learn more! Joining Neuroscience Upskilling courses is application-based to ensure you’re a right fit for the training.

Course fees start at 2.300 EUR.

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